Best for Older Pups, Mixed pet Families (Cats, Birds, and Dogs, ect.), and pup Parents Looking for Housesitting Services as well.

Home & Hound Sitting

Does your pup prefer to stay in their natural environment when you leave town? Have us house-&-hound sit for you! We will gladly stay over and handle all of your house sitting and doggie needs. Services include taking the mail in, watering plants, cleaning up after potty time, maintaining pup routines including medications, walks, meals, and more!

Doggie Walks

Save yourself a little time and let us exercise your pups for you! Generally lasting about 45 minutes, walks are great for socialization, exercise, and helping to nix anxious behaviors while you are away at work. (Monthly packages available)

Doggie Check-in's

No dog door? No problem, we will gladly check-in on your sweetie during the day. Check-in’s include potty break, water and food replacement if necessary, a little bit of play, and tons of hugs and kisses.

Sit. Stay. Socialize!