About Us

Bark 23 is the only dog sitting and care business in the valley that mixes customized care with the principles of positive developmental psychology to give your pup their best day­ every day! I work with busy pet parents who want more for their pup than 8 hours of waiting by the door for the opportunity to play a little before bed. I like to take dogs to the dog park, on trips into the community, walking through their neighborhood, or hiking on one of the local trails. Play is serious learning for pups and I like to get on their level. We play fetch, we tug­o­war, we wrestle with our friends­ all with the goal of helping pups lead safe, healthy, active, and confident lives so that when they come home to you­ it’s all snuggles and guilt free relaxation with your best pal ever.

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Behind every great person is a tribe of supportive people.

Meet someone from my tribe!

Jordan Bubin

Jordan Bubin

Non-fiction Writer and Bark 23's number 1 fan

When Jordan isn’t boiling down centuries of global history into easy to read facts, story lines, and slam poems you can find him sitting at the helm of the Bark23 ship. As the oldest of 8 he has patience of a saint and a never ending source of energy that allows him to keep up with the physical, social, and emotional demands of the daily doggie daycare pack. He has been Michelle’s right hand man for the last 8 years and as of Leap Day 2016, signed up for a lifetime more. Dogs & people both can’t get enough of him. Bring your pup out  for Bark23’s Doggie Daycare to see what we mean.

Ivana Olsen

Ivana Olsen

Animal Activist, Trainer, & Pet Photographer

Ivana’s always had a strong pull toward animals and their well-being. In high school she started a rescue operation for stray pets that had 6 fully functioning foster homes at it’s peak. During college, while she was working on multiple degrees in Art Studies and Photography, she used her skills to capture animal behavior on film and parlayed that into a successful photography business. Now, as an adult, she invests her time and care into training animals of all ages- including her nieces’s service dog, Ash (featured inset, with Ivana).  Ivana’s unparalleled passion for pets and photography make her an excellent addition to the Bark23 team and we are thrilled to have her! When Ivana isn’t providing training skills for your pet or snapping incredible shots of your loved ones during a Bark23 stay, you can find her serving her community as Block Watch Captain, spending time with her neice and nephew, or riding through the neighborhood on her golf cart, Stinky.

We Are 100% Pet CPR & First Aid Certified