Hi everyone!

I am Michelle, the owner and chief pack leader of Bark23. Up until last year I worked full time as a behaviorist all over Maricopa county and took care of pets on the side. In February of 2017 I made the super-smart switch to providing dog sitting & care full time and I’m lovin’ every second of it.  My goal with this blog is to pack it full of great information while still keeping it it short and sweet. I love Bark23’s fur-based lifestyle and I’m sure you do too so let’s get right to it!

5 things you don’t know about me:

1. I am a huge fan of countdown articles. They let me know what to expect and help me streamline my computer time. If Im already pretty familiar with a countdown point, I skim it and use my time to really dig in to the points that get my wheels turning.The Bark23 Blog is jumpin’ on that bandwagon, my friend! Each blog will have a number of points so you can manage your time in the best way for you and your lifestyle, while still getting your info needs met. If you ever have a topic you’d like to see posted- I’m all ears. Shoot me an email at Michelle@bark23.com !

2. The brain is my jam. I love everything I learn about it. I love the super sciency stuff with $20 words you have to break down to pronounce correctly and I love general concepts about what each section does. During my time in community behavioral healthcare, some of my favorite things to do were train staff and families on the brain. When we know better, we do better- and knowing what parts of the brain are being affected by past and present trauma, goes a LONG way in getting on the track to live our very best lives.

3. Positive Developmental Psychology makes my world go round. The scientific world has started to make a shift toward a more balanced perspective and the science behind what makes us thrive is getting some serious traction! For a while, everything in psychology was based on a deficit model of what is going wrong with us. Instead, when we start concentrating our attention on what is going right, and how we can use a strength based approach to barriers- things start turning around! We find that we are better able to cope than we were before, and that it impacts every aspect of our health in a positive manner. That’s what we like to do here at Bark23!

4. I play banked track roller derby here in Phoenix and my business wouldn’t be were it is without the support and talents of the greater roller derby community. My logo was designed by former Arizona Derby Dame- now east coast phenom Nacho Mama. You can check her out at http://nachomommasdesigns.com for all of your design needs. She is a great listener, is super patient, and is incredibly talented at what she does. 99% of the pictures you see on the Bark23.com site were shot by Josh at Heyo oo oo Photos (https://www.facebook.com/HeyoooooPhotos/) . I do not enjoy getting my picture taken, but you would never know it based on these shots. Josh does a great job of making you feel comfortable and capturing your natural joy. His pictures are featured all over the valley and everytime I see his work, there is a quality about it that feels like home. Please hit him up for all your photograph needs!

5. I like to get right down in it with everything I do. On any given day you can find me rolling around in the park with the pups, barefoot outside with a hose watering the plants and our water loving dogs alike, or taking the pups for a stroll down the street (aka safety patrol) as we meet the neighbors and exchange hugs/ scratches behind the ear with our friends. Socialization is huge here at Bark23- so whether we are at the house, down the street, or out in the community, we are promoting healthy lifestyles for your pets with regular canine and human interaction. Keeping pets healthy, happy, and full of joy is our goal at Bark23!!

Thanks for joining me in the Bark23 Blog-osphere!

Until next time…

Xoxo- Michelle